Brightening & Protecting Your Bathtub

Old to New Bathtub Refinishing offers bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub reglazing, in Rochester, New York. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars when we can refinish your bathtub in as little as four hours. Antique tubs can be worked on without having to spend big for a replacement.

What We Do

We first remove old caulking around the tub and then apply a hydrochloric acid compound. We set up a fume extractor in the window or a nearby room. We apply four coats of aliphatic acrylic paint. We will then clean up, and 24 hours later, you can use your tub. There is no plumbing involved.

Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane System

Aliphatic acrylic combines the distinct advantages of acrylics with the superior performance of an aliphatic-based ASTM TYPE 5 urethane coating system. This produces a super tough film for extended coating life.

The Crucial Difference — Cross-Link Density

The most critical difference between high- and low-performance coatings is the actual number of chemical bonds holding the molecules together — the higher the cross-link density, the longer the coating's lifespan. Since our aliphatic acrylic is a fully-linked system, it delivers the most long term value compared to other low urethanes like polyesters, epoxies, or enamels.

Fully-linked aliphatic acrylic urethanes are widely used throughout the world for aerospace, maritime, and industrial applications where super-tough protection is needed. Aliphatic acrylic at 4H-pencil hardness is the most resilient and the most popular of these types of urethanes.

Resin-Rich Wear Layer

As the aliphatic acrylic formula is curing, the pigment settles to the bottom of the film, and a clear resin-rich layer forms on top. What is seen as a deep, rich gloss (95+) is actually a "wear layer" that provides long-term protection of the gloss and color that is associated with premium quality urethanes. This wear layer is a versatile barrier to all forms of punishment, including caustic acids, abrasives, solvents in cosmetics, and dyes. These items are known to stain, destroy, or limit the lifespan of most refinishing products used on the market today.

In a Nutshell

Your caulking is removed, the tub is etched, wet sanded, primed, and a topcoat is applied. The tub is completely finished when we leave. Our masking is removed, the room is cleaned up, and no return visit is needed. The tub will be water-ready in 24 hours.

Most refinishers suggest you wait 48 hours to use your tub, with our approach and top-notch products, we know it will be ready for use the next day!